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Gather the Clans is the first mission in the Disorder (Orks and Chaos Space Marines) single-player campaign in Winter Assault. The Ork Warboss Gorkutz 'Ead 'Unter must unite the divided Ork clanz who are losing to Chaos humies because of internal conflicts.

“Three tings Orkz luv. Fightin’, fightin’ and der bannerz!”


Wa mission d01 ss01

You just run in and smash these fast-like.

This walkthrough assumes Insane difficulty. Still, the mission is very easy. You must first unite several Ork clans by taking charge of their bases and then wipe out a minor Chaos Space Marine base.


Wa mission d01 ss02

Tankbustaz shoot the generators, while Warboss, Sluggas and Wartrukk butcher any Stormboyz jumping up.

You start with an Ork Warboss, Gorkutz, and a Slugga Boy Squad. Reinforce your Slugga Boys and head for the first Ork base (Headcrushaz clan). Go straight for their big banner with all your Orks. Use the Waaagh! ability of the Warboss. Ignore enemy units and all other structures (you get them for yourself when the banner's gone, so no sense killing them) and take down the banner.

The next three (Rokkit Rangaz, Kwik Mekz and Burna Boyz clans) are just as simple. Get some troops, rush their banner while ignoring everything else and take it down. Use the Tankbustaz to rokkit the banners from a distance while your Warboss and a Slugga squad have the enemy's attention. Note that everytime you capture a base, you get new buildings leading to new tech and unit construction options.

For the fifth base you need a bit more. Send a squad of Tankbustaz to blow up the enemy Bigga Generators and take a couple of other units to keep the enemy Stormboyz (1–2 squads jump over at a time) off them. When the generators are gone (it's enough to blow up the six closest generators, the rest will go by themselves after that), you can rush the big Ork base. Aim to free the Mad Dok right away and send him alone on a mad rush through the enemy camp to the Squiggoths. When he reaches them, you get the whole base again.


When you're done you only need to destroy the Chaos base. You'll have two Squiggoths and probably quite a bit of infantry at this point so you can overwhelm them right away, but if you wish you can build some Mega Armoured Nobz and Looted Tanks to make it even more unfair. At this point your advantage is so ridiculous you can probably just order your units to move in, go make a cup of coffee and come back to find the enemy base gone.

The mission ends when the enemy's Machine Pit and Desecrated Stronghold are gone. You don't need to raze the whole base. You will then move on to Hunter!