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Dawn of War - Tempest cover

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Tempest is a novel written by Cassern S. Goto and published by Black Library in 2006.


Battling to save the Blood Ravens' precious gene-seed, Librarian Rhamah is sucked into the Eye of Terror and crashes down onto a bizarre planet of alien libraries and museums – an ancient Eldar world hidden in the tempests of the Warp. His battle-brothers mourn the passing of this hero, but his fate is far worse than death...

When a detachment of strangely familiar Space Marines lands on the planet to plunder its forbidden knowledge, Rhamah finds himself embroiled in their confrontation with the planet's mysterious guardians. As the rest of the Blood Ravens begin their search for him, Rhamah struggles to discover his true identity – unaware that his allegiance could tip the balance to deciding the fate of this world and its secrets.