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Varius is a Plague Champion in the Chaos Space Marines campaign in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – Retribution.


Varius is a Plague Marine Champion that rounds out Eliphas’ elite squad. As with all Plague Marines, Varius is a bloated and diseased being, having dedicated himself to the Plague Lord Nurgle. He has an inhuman tolerance for pain and enjoys close quarters combat so that he can see the festering wounds that he can spread to the enemy. Several of Varius’ abilities revolve around these wounds and the disease that they result in. He can cause these infected enemies to explode on death, damaging those nearby and healing Chaos units in the vicinity. At later levels, Varius’ Plague of Undeath ability can result in those killed by his infections to become temporary servants of Nurgle, fighting for Chaos. Those brave enough to stand against Varius will be made to aid him, whether they like it or not.