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Uprising at Angel Forge
Chaos Rising campaign mission
Location Angel Forge
Briefing Commander, this insurgency has stretched out loyal forces to the limit. Ork looters have infested the hab-blocks outside Angel Gate, and I can spare no troops to stop them. Only you can eliminate these xenos befor they reach Angel Forge. "What do Orks have to do with the insurgency?" House Vandis wants Angel Forge for itself. They are driving the Orks ahead of them in order to weaken the Forge's defenses. If the insurgents take Angel Forge, they will have access to massive weapon stores. "How well-defended is the Forge?" Most Imperial Guard forces have been diverted to deal with Vandis insurgents. Those Guardsmen still at the forge are dangerously short-handed. The defensive gate has been restored, but it remains in a weakened state. If Angel Gate falls, nothing stands between the rebels and the forge.
Objectives Eliminate the Ork looters
Intelligence The Orks are well armed. Expect vehicles, gunners in structures, and ambushes.
Angel Gate is the Forge's final defense. Destroying it would render the Forge vulnerable.
Notes Mobility Needed: Bring jump or teleport packs to maximize your squads' mobility.
Reward Melta Gun (level 18 common melta gun)


  • Primary Objective: Eliminate the Ork looters
  • Primary Objective: Enter Angel Gate and assist the remaining Guardsmen
  • Corruption Risk: Destroying Angel Gate will corrupt all deployed squads
  • Primary Objective: Secure Angel Forge
  • Objective Updated: Kill the Chaos Dreadnought and the Havocs supporting it


  • Destroy Angel Gate (+5 Corruption to deployed squads)
  • Capture the Automated Foundry
  • Complete the mission (+1 Corruption to deployed squads) – not applied if you destroyed Angel Gate


The Enemy Exposed

For completing this mission, you receive the "The Enemy Exposed" achievement for 50 Gamerscore.


  • Jump/teleport pack needed to avoid corruption
  • Missile launcher recommended:
    • 2 x Deff Dredd
    • 1 x Wartrukk
    • 1 x Looted Tank
    • 1 x Chaos Dreadnought

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