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The Ultramarines are a major Chapter of Space Marines. They are probably the most powerful and influential of all Chapters, founded upon the XIII Legion (also named Ultramarines), which was very dominant in the aftermath of the Horus Heresy. Because of suffering relatively little during civil war – the Ultramarines retained full strength, while some Legions were nearly wiped out – and their dominant role in moulding the post-Heresy era Space Marine organization (more than half of all present-day Chapters originate from the Ultramarines), they are generally considered to be the model Chapter.

The Ultramarines hold a unique position, as the Chapter is in control of the entire Ultramar sector, nine star systems and eleven worlds, instead of the single home planet common to most. They also possess an exceptionally large space fleet. These resources, as well as their immense accomplishments and originating the Codex Astartes, give the Ultramarines Chapter considerable influence, even if their actual Space Marine strength is limited to 1,000 Astartes by the Codex.

Ultramarines appear in the Dawn of War: Winter Assault single-player campaign.


Dow2 sm tac ultramarines r60

Ultramarines Tactical Marine, Dawn of War II

Since their Primarch created the Codex Astartes, the Ultramarines follow it closely, making them something of the textbook model of Space Marine Chapters, "standard" in every aspect. They control more worlds and a larger fleet than other Chapters, although their Space Marine strength is the same.

The Ultramarines are genetically very stable and have been used to start numerous Successor Chapters.


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Notable members[]

  • Varnus


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