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Tyrea is a province on Kronus and one of the locations in Dark Crusade.


The largely uninhabited boreal forests and tundra of Tyrea now shelter the Eldar come to Kronus from Craftworld Ulthwé. Before their arrival, only a few wild men and feral Orks called Tyrea home.

From the shores of the Northern Sea to the foothills of the Ariels, Tyrea is a harsh land. Ice fields give way only grudgingly to tundra and boreal forests and a cold wind seems to blow year round.


  • +100 Planetary Requisition
  • Remove the Eldar from the campaign

Campaign strategy[]

Dc minimap tyrea

The Eldar will launch semi-frequent raids on your base so make sure to build a few bolt turrets and keep a squad or two present to deal with them and you should be able to focus entirely on your own assault.

Build your forces and target the Feral Orks first. They will periodically send out a force of Shoota Boyz, Wartraks and Flash Gitz, and sometimes, a Big Mek. Their base is defended by Killa Kans, Mega Armored Nobz and Looted Leman Russ Tanks. Beneath them is the area holding two Squggoths. Releasing the Squiggoths at the right time is tricky, you don't want to have them simply rush up to the Ork base only to die on their way, but it can be very rewarding if you time it right. Once their base is destroyed, you will receive extra forces.

Push west and attack the Eldar's forward base. The moment you attack them, you will also have to deal with the Chaos Schism Cult, an army using Night Lords colors. The attacking force occasionally sent out will consist mainly of Cultists, Chaos Space Marines and Horrors. Destroy the Chaos Temples and Sacrificial Circles to reduce their frequency. Keep an eye out for mines and turrets. The Sorcerer is none too hard and should fall to an infantry/artillery combination, (At this point, you might want to send a few lower tier units to their deaths to give room for more powerful units) afterwards you should replenish your forces and upgrade them as well. Once you kill the Sorcerer, you need not go after his buildings, as they will self-destruct. As with the Feral Orks, there will be extra units once you eliminate the Chaos Schism Cult.

You now have to capture the three Critical Points, but faced with the Avatar of Khaine, the Eldar's ample infantry and vehicles, and maybe even Farseer Taldeer herself, you might want to keep the Eldar forces engaged while you capture them, though risky you could attempt to capture all at once. Once you do, you are to hold them for ten minutes without losing even one. If that happens, the timer will reset the next time you capture them. Additional forces will be provided, use them wisely. Keep an eye on all three points, survive the ten minutes, and you successfully cut off the Eldar's only means of escape, winning the battle in the process. This eliminates the Eldar from the campaign.