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Typhon Primaris

Typhon Primaris is one of the planets of sub-sector Aurelia. Its jungles and swamps of teem with Orks who have all but wiped out the planet's primitive humans. The few survivors are prized recruiting stock for the Blood Ravens.


Choked by dense jungles in its highlands and fetid swamps in the lowlands, Typhon Primaris has always been a dangerous and unwelcoming world, now more than ever. Hidden behind a veil of dense greenery and tall treetops, it has long been refuge to a variety of enemies to the Imperium. Over the centuries, the native human population has been reduced to a primitive handful by depredations of the savage Orks. The enigmatic Eldar also have designs on this world: eons ago a Craftworld fatally damaged by the Eldar Fall crashed to Typhon, and its remains are still hidden in its depths. Even feral Tyranids stalk the jungles now, remnants of their failed invasion ten years ago. With so many of its foes present, the Imperium is now acutely aware of the danger of the planet becoming an enemy staging ground. To prevent this, a grand number of Imperial troops have been sent to hold it, and at present, the human population of Typhon is a little over one million strong.


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