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The Wailing Doom
Dawn of War II campaign mission
Location Typhon Arena
Briefing Commander, it seems the Eldar have not been driven off after all. The xenos have summoned their daemonic Avatar, a towering warrior of flame. The Avatar and its war host are destroying everything in their path. If the Avatar remains loose, Typhon will soon be nothing but a charred cinder. This will be one of the deadliest opponents you ever face, Commander, but we cannot allow Typhon to be reduced to ash. Destroy the Avatar.
Objectives Destroy the Avatar
Intelligence Super-Elite: Enemy forces are very powerful.
Notes This target is vulnerable to plasma attacks.
Armored vehicles defend this target.
Reward Armor of Azariah (level 20 epic Terminator armor)


  • Primary Objective: Destroy the Avatar


The Avatar of Khaine

For completing this mission on any difficulty, you receive the achievement "The Avatar of Khaine" for 30 Gamerscore.


Map (Typhon Arena)