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The Wages of Sin
Chaos Rising campaign mission
Location Argent Glacier
Briefing The traitor has gone to ground, Commander. He has retreated to a fortified Black Legion base on Argent Glacier. The area is dense with enemies, but we cannot allow that to stop us. Come what may, we must bring the traitor to account. His betrayal is unforgivable. "What intel do we have on the enemy's forces?" The Black Legion is present in large numbers. Beyond their main stronghold, they have at least two satellite camps. Patrols stalk the area between these strong-points, ready to pounce. There may well be other defenses which we cannot detect from orbit. A direct assault is possible, but that strategy gives up our only two advantages: surprise and discipline. "What do you suggest?" The Traitor Legions lack discipline. Their patrols are more interested in finding something to kill than actual reconnaissance. I doubt they have any established reporting rites or patrol rotation. If we engage and destroy the patrols quickly, their absence will go unnoticed. The same is true of the satellite camps. We can move from target to target, weakening the enemy until we can strike at the main base and exact retribution.
Objectives Destroy the Chaos Structures
Eliminate the Traitor
Intelligence Patrols and outposts will call for reinforcements if not destroyed quickly.
The power of Chaos has strenghtened the traitor. Do not underestimate him.
Notes Search & Destroy: Several enemy camps are located on the map
Reward Contemplation of the Codex (rare expendable item)
Vigiles Arcanum (level 28 epic terminator armor)


  • Primary Objective: Kill the traitor
  • Secondary Objective: Avoid or eliminate Chaos patrols
  • Secondary Objective: Destroy the Chaos outposts to eliminate reinforcements


Map (Argent Glacier)