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The Vandean Coast is a province on Kronus and one of the locations in Dark Crusade.


A mineral rich region, Vandea includes several large industrial centers built in the Imperial era and still in operation. The cities are now underpopulated and polluted, but remain critical industrial assets for the Tau.

The manufacturing and smelting plants of the Vandean cities have scarred the landscape and stained the air, making the cities valuable but hardly pleasant. Soot-laden snow or acidic rain fall from gray skies year round.


  • +50 Planetary Requisition
  • Industrial Production: Start every mission/battle with 1000 additional requisition which allows you to more quickly build up your base and/or forces.

Campaign strategy[]

Dc minimap the vandean coast

A small map usually controlled by Space Marines, and usually one of the easiest provinces to conquer. You must either gather a set amount of the Power resource or annihilate the enemy. The enemy base is usually located at the western part of the map. If the province is extra fortified a second base may be found directly through the south.

An early rush from the north side should catch the enemy attempting to capture/fortify the nearest Strategic Point, and you should defeat them here easily. Their other units will probably trickle in and be killed one at a time. Then you can camp outside their base and let them send lone units to their deaths. Meanwhile, your scout units capture the whole map and you build thermal generators on the two Slag Deposits.

You can also smash the base if you don't want to wait, but you may want to build up for possible defense scenarios. To extend the mission, just buy everything that costs Power so you stay below the victory limit.