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Map Argus Outskirts
Briefing Commander, the time has come to strike at our true enemy. Whoever has been provoking and guiding the Greenskins is holed up at Felhammer Mine on the outskirts of Argus. We believe that Mek Badzappa, the Ork who escaped us when you first arrived on Calderis, is also headed for the mine. You and your squads will drop south of Felhammer and push north. Strength and firepower will pay greater dividends than stealth. For this reason Sergeant Cyrus will remain aboard the Armageddon and provide mission support.
Objectives Uncover who is agitating the Orks
Limited Deployment Cyrus does not deploy
Bonus Intelligence This target is vulnerable to explosives.
Enemies are well entrenched. Use grenades or other wargear to defeat cover.
Reward Tartarus


Rant All You Will

For completing this mission, you receive the "Rant All You Will" achievement.



This walkthrough assumes Primarch difficulty.

The mission is quite short. You start with three squads (Cyrus is out) and face a couple of Ork mobs of no consequence. A short way up north, you sight some Eldar Warp Spiders who teleport away. Soon after, an Ork mob attacks you from that cliff and is shortly squashed by Thaddeus, who joins your squads. The actual fighting starts from here.

There is a communications array guarded by Orks ahead. Take the relay beacon nearby before attacking. Go for the bottom (left) side first, jumping the Orks with Thaddeus – who can often be masked by the building so that the Orks on the other side can't properly shoot at his squad – while you pepper them with Avitus. Tarkus can grenade the group not engaged by Thaddeus, and your Force Commander can rush in to disperse them. Capture the building and reinforce if necessary.

Advance east; you will not see opposition until the bridge, where you find Eldar engaged with the Orks. Move in slowly, taking your time and watching out for Eldar grenades. Jump on squads with Thaddeus, but watch for nearby enemy squads as he is very easily killed on Primarch. Be sure to take the relay beacon to the right from the bridge before pushing northwest for the boss fight.

When you have cleared the Guardians, you have to fight a Warlock boss. He is surprisingly tough, and his lightning attack can one-shot your squad members. Using the Rosarius for invulnerability while close-combating him with Thaddeus and the Force Commander may be a good idea. Don't be afraid to withdraw to the beacon and regroup if you're playing on Primarch.

Eventually the Warlock will fall, and you will win the mission. You must now travel to Typhon Primaris for either A Spider Among Flies or the first defense mission (Defend the Array).

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