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The Secrets of Angel Forge
Dawn of War II campaign mission
Location Angel Forge
Briefing Commander, you must return to Angel Gate. We cannot allow the Greenskins to acquire the weapons contained in the storehouses near the gate. If the Eldar smuggled the Orks into Meridian as you suspect, it must have been for a purpose. Deploy your squads to rejoin Tarkus at Angel Gate.
Objectives Secure the Storehouse
Intelligence Orks are deploying vehicles. Use anti-armor weaponry.
Eldar raids often occur after a victory.
Notes Bio-Feedback: Victory reduces infestation (-3)
Reward Heavy Flamer (level 16 common heavy flamer)
Aegis of Hurios (level 12 epic Terminator armor)


  • Primary Objective: Rendezvous with Tarkus
  • Primary Objective: Secure the Storehouse
  • Secondary Objective: Defend the Reliquary
  • Primary Objective: Stop the Eldar Attack
  • Primary Objective: Save the Forge


Heroes of Angel Gate

For completing this mission, you receive the "Heroes of Angel Gate" achievement for 30 Gamerscore.


Map (Angel Forge)

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