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Dc minimap the rhean jungle

The Rhean Jungle is a province on Kronus and one of the locations in Dark Crusade.


Dense tropical rainforest extends throughout the drainage basin of the mighty Rhea River. The river features few outright cities, but many trading posts – often fortified against the feral Orks and Kroot who inhabit the deep jungles.

Extremely dense jungle lines the snaking River Rhean, although past attempts to develop agriculture have left some clearings in the foliage. The shade of the canopy can lead to cool patches, but the climate is generally hot and wet, with frequent storms in the autumn and winter.


  • +75 Planetary Requisition
  • Honor Guard unit
    • Reclusiarch (Space Marines)
    • Sentinel (Imperial Guard)
    • 'Eavy Shoota Boyz (Orks)
    • Raptor Champion (Chaos)
    • Crisis Suit Guard (Tau Empire)
    • Catacomb Flayed Ones (Necrons)
    • Seer Council (Eldar)

Campaign strategy[]

This is a large map that would accommodate 8 players in multiplayer. Your starting base will be in the east corner, while the enemy base will be in the southeast corner or middle south section. If the enemy has two bases, the other one will be in the "slot" west from the first one.

The province is usually held by Chaos, who likes to spam Defilers and missile turrets. You should have sufficient anti-vehicle power to kill hordes of both when attacking their base.


The key to easily winning this map is controlling the center. When attacking this province for the first time, quickly advance to the central area with your commander and honor guard to prevent the enemy from expanding. Have a builder unit or two set up your original base, but bring one to the center to start fortifications and a secondary base. You should have plenty of Requisition, as a couple of cheap squads can run around capturing a ton of points while you hold the center. You will be swimming in Req, while the enemy only has a few points.


When defending this map, you should have the central secondary base and a +400 Requisition plus +350 Power income right from the start. Start spamming units from the central base to lock the enemy in their starting areas, then crush their bases one at a time when you have a bunch of tier 3 units. If you have a thermal plasma generator on the westernmost slag deposit, that is what the enemy usually attacks first.

Don't bother buying garrisoned units, as they are in a completely wrong place when the attack starts.