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The Rescue
Chaos Rising campaign mission
Location Siwal Ruins
Briefing Commander, the Black Legion is attacking a detachment of Blood Ravens scouts.

Sergeant Priam led a group of initiates to investigate an intermittent positioning signal emanating from the depths of the Calderis desert. They expected to recover the remains of brothers lost during the Tyranid war. They found the Black Legion laying in wait. We cannot allow the Chaos Legions to destroy them. "Play the distress call." Priam to Command – We require tactical aid and fire support. Under attack from Chaos Space Marines. We are making for Siwal Ruins. The Traitor Legions have already killed eight scouts and taken five others—

Objectives Rescue the Scouts
Defeat the Chaos attackers
Allowing too many Scouts to die corrupts all squads.
Intelligence A foul Sorcerer commands a force of Chaos Space Marines and Plague Marines.
Time is short; move quickly or initiates will die.
Notes Instructor's Burden: Cyrus gains corruption if he does not deploy to this mission.
Reward The Blade of the Unrelenting (level 27 power sword)



  • Primary Objective: Rescue the Scouts
  • Corruption Risk: Allowing Scouts to die corrupts all squads
    • Recruit: 14 Scouts
    • Sergeant: 10 Scouts
    • Captain: 6 Scouts
    • Primarch: 3 Scouts
  • Redemption Opportunity: Destroying the Chaos Portal redeems all squads
  • Primary Objective: Kill the Chaos Sorcerer


  • Destroy the Chaos Portal (+2 Redemption to all deployed squads)
  • Allow too many Scouts to die (+4 Corruption to all deployed squads)


Map (Siwal Ruins)
  • Heretics (infiltrated), Chaos Marines, Havocs
  • A couple of Chaos Dreadnoughts
  • A Chaos Predator
  • Turrets (around Chaos Portal)
  • Chaos Sorcerer boss

Full walkthrough not complete.

Move quickly to save the first set of Scouts, immediately west of the start point. They are under attack as soon as the mission begins.

After this, make your way to the Chaos Portal in the southwest corner of the map, and destroy it. Taking time to do this is safe, because the other Scouts will not come under attack until you approach.

For that reason, it is usually not a good idea to explore with Cyrus ahead of the rest of your forces, because even approaching under Infiltrate will trigger the enemies to start attacking Scouts. Instead, approach the objectives in force with all your squads at once. Disrupt the enemy as much as possible and use Tarkus's Taunt to draw attention. Use explosives cautiously or not at all, due to the risk of destroying buildings and killing the Scouts within.