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Dc minimap the pavonian heartland

The Pavonian Heartland is a province on Kronus and one of the locations in Dark Crusade.


The breadbasket of Kronus in the Imperial era, the heartland features well developed farmlands separated by small forests. The Imperial-built cities of the region still bear the scars of the ironlung pandemic which struck in the 39th Millennium.

Kronus's temperate band grants the Heartland long but cool summers and a very long growing season. Powerful windstorms can buffet the region, but mild weather is the norm.


  • +75 Planetary Requisition
  • Honor Guard unit
    • Veteran Assault Marine (Space Marines)
    • Regimental Bodyguard (Imperial Guard)
    • Mega Armored Nobz (Orks)
    • Warp Spider Exarchs (Eldar)
    • Crypt Immortal Squad (Necrons)
    • Kroot Alpha Squad (Tau Empire)
    • Raptor Champion (Chaos)