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Plasma Rifle   
Dow2r tau plasma rifle def Hero Shas'O Commander A standard issue Tau plasma rifle. Plasma rifles deal moderate damage with a standard rate of fire.
Level 0
Shield Hardpoint   
Dow2r tau shield default Hero Shas'O Commander The Tau Commander may equip shields to this hardpoint on his battlesuit.
Level 0
Command Issue Plasma Rifle   
Dow2r tau plasma rifle Hero Shas'O Commander An upgraded version of the standard Tau plasma rifle available to Tau Commanders. This rifle deals increased damage and is effective against highly armored targets. Grants: Armor Piercing.
Level 1
Flamer (Tau)   
Dow2r tau flamer Hero Shas'O Commander A close range, area-of-effect flame weapon that deals good damage to lightly armored units. Grants: Area of Effect, Ignore Cover.
Level 1
Shield Generator   
Dow2r tau shield generator Hero Shas'O Commander The shield generator creates a protective field around the Commander's Crisis suit. This shield uses energy to reduce incoming damage that would normally harm the user. Grants: Energy Shield.
Level 1
Fusion Blaster   
Dow2r tau fusion blaster Hero Shas'O Commander Fusion blasters fire concentrated bursts of energy that are effective against highly armored targets. Grants: Armor Piercing.
Level 3
Airbursting Fragmentation Projector   
Dow2r tau airburst Hero Shas'O Commander The Fragmentation Projector fires a unique projectile that bursts above its target, raining shrapnel onto the ground below. Deals high damage to any lightly armored infantry. Grants: Area of Effect, Ignore Cover.
Level 9
Networked Weapon Interface   
Dow2r tau nwi Hero Shas'O Commander The Networked Weapon Interface makes it possible to twin-link two weapons on the Crisis suit. By sacrificing a shield, the Commander can attach a duplicate of his primary weapon. The base damage for both is lowered (amount depends on weapon). Grants: Twin-linked.
Level Achievement


XV8 Crisis Battlesuit   
Dow2r tau crisis def Hero Shas'O Commander This suit is set up to have a single weapon hardpoint, a shield hardpoint and three auxiliary hardpoints. The suit is engineered for extreme stability and is impossible to knock over. Grants: Unshakable.
Level 0
Armor 50 (19%)
XV8 'Light' Crisis Battlesuit   
Dow2r tau crisis lite Hero Shas'O Commander The plating for this XV8 battlesuit has been manufactured using lighter composite materials, granting improved speed while maintaining a moderate armor value. Grants: +25 health, Unshakable, Low Weight Composites.
Level 1
Armor 90 (32%)
XV8 'Armored' Crisis Battlesuit   
Dow2r tau crisis armored Hero Shas'O Commander This XV8 battlesuit is reinforced with iridium plating, granting better protection. Because of its reinforced chassis, this suit is heavier and less mobile than other Crisis suits. Grants: +50 health, Unshakable, Heavy, Heavy Jet.
Level 1
Armor 120 (41%)
XV8 'Agile' Crisis Battlesuit   
Dow2r tau crisis agile Hero Shas'O Commander This XV8 battlesuit has been retrofitted with an advanced stabilisation system and vectored retro-thrusters. This grants the suit greater maneuverability and agility. Grants: +25 health, Unshakable, Superior Stabilizers, Stabilized Jet.
Level 13
Armor 90 (32%)
XV8 'Command' Crisis Battlesuit   
Dow2r tau crisis lite Hero Shas'O Commander A command and control node has been hardwired into this XV8 battlesuit. This AI-assisted transmission system allows for improved communication and targeting coordination with allies. Grants: Unshakable, Fearless, Improved Targeting.
Level 17
Armor 110 (38%)


Dow2r tau markerlight Hero Shas'O Commander Markerlights are laser targeting systems that spot for other, larger weapons. The Tau Commander can use this device to mark targets for Sky Ray barrages. Grants: Mark Target, Sky Ray Barrage.
Level 18

Commander items

Level 1[]

  • Photon Grenades: Photon grenades confuse enemy infantry making them fire on themselves.
  • Snare Mines: Snare mines are a throwback to Dawn of War Dark Crusade. They can be placed on the ground and when enemy infantry trip them they slow all enemies in an area.

Level 2[]

  • Energy Core: The energy core increases the commander’s energy pool by 25.

Level 3[]

  • Fusion Blaster: The fusion blaster operates a lot like a melta gun. It does a lot of damage and has high armor penetration, but a short range.

Level 4[]

  • Stimulant Injector: The stimulant injector is a passive ability. When the commander’s health goes below 20 he instantly receives 100 health. This can only trigger once every 30 seconds.

Level 5[]

  • Shield Drone Controller: The shield drone is the first commander accessory. When summoned it creates a radius around itself that reduces incoming range damage by 50% for all allied heroes.

Level 6[]

  • Ion Battery: The Tau Commander can place the ion battery on the ground. It then increases the energy regeneration of all allied commanders around it.

Level 7[]

  • Repulser Shield: This shield increases the health and armor of the commander. It grants the ability ‘kinetic pulse’ that will knockback and deal damage to anything near the commander.

Level 8[]

  • Fragmentation Missile Pod: Fires 12 missiles in dramatic fashion dealing AOE damage which is especially good against weak infantry.

Level 10[]

  • Coolant Injectors: Lowers the cooldown of abilities by 5 seconds and the energy they use by 5.

Level 11[]

  • Iridium Plated Shield: The iridium shield increases the armor and health of the commander more than the other shields. Also grants the trait ‘heavy,’ which is the same as the armored crisis suit. Having both 'heavy' traits will make the jet ability hit even harder, while keeping the stun duration and jump range the same.

Level 12[]

  • Anti-Armor Missile Pod: This missile pod fires three missiles that are specially designed to deal great single target damage. Good against enemies like Nobs, Warriors, Dreadnoughts, etc.

Level 14[]

  • Targeting Cluster: Increases the accuracy of the commander’s weapons by 25%.

Level 15[]

  • Heavy Gun Drone Controller: Summons a heavy gun drone to the field. Gun drones have twinlinked burst cannons and automatically fire on the enemy.

Level 16[]

  • Burst Cannon: The burst cannon is a long range weapon that deals moderate damage and suppresses enemy infantry.

Level 19[]

  • Nano Technology: Increase the regeneration rate of the commander and allied heroes nearby by 1.

Level 20[]

  • Marker Drone controller: The marker drone marks targets automatically the same way the mark target ability does. These targets take additional range damage and will be targeted by the ‘sky ray barrage’ ability.

Achievement Wargear[]

  • Advanced Drone Controller (Unlocked through the Tau Efficiency achievement): The advanced drone controller adds an additional ability to the commander depending on the drone he has equipped.
    • EMP Field (Shield Drone): EMP field locks down all shield drones and anything under their radii. Anything locked down in this way cannot attack, move, take damage, or use abilities.
    • Overdrive (Heavy Gun Drone): Overdrive temporarily increases the damage and reduces the cooldown of guns drones to zero.
    • Self Destruct (Marker Drone): Forces all marker drones to self destruct causing a powerful explosion.