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Shas'O Commander
Dow2r tau commander portrait Dow2 dec hero anti infantry ranged Faction Heroes Sight radius 45 Model count 1
Armor infantry Detect radius 10 Health 100
Defence 50 Speed 7 Courage 60
Size small Melee skill 15
Pts value
Tau hero wearing a Crisis battlesuit with various ranged weapons. A jump pack allows him to jet across the battlefield. Data: 3.19.1

The Shas'O Commander is the Tau Empire hero in The Last Stand (the new Dawn of War II: Retribution and The Last Standalone versions only), making him the only Tau unit seen so far in the Dawn of War II series.

The Shas'O Commander was added with the 3.18 patch on October 20, 2011 as a paid DLC item for $9.99, £6.49 or €6.99 depending on region.


The Tau Commander is an offensively potent hero but can only fire at range and is vulnerable in melee. If an enemy attacks the Commander in melee he will fight back, but deal zero damage. To compensate for this large weakness, the Commander always carries a jump ability called ‘Jet.’ In addition the Commander will always have the ‘Unshakable’ trait.

The Tau Commander’s armor pieces have lower than normal armor values which can be compensated for by adding a shield. After unlocking one of the Commander’s achievements players may twinlink their weapons in place of a shield. This makes the Commander more offensively potent but limits his survivability.