Dow2 ork mekboy portrait

The Mekboy is the Ork hero in The Last Stand. This hero is often used as a mobile (teleporting) damage dealer with buff abilities.

Base statsEdit

  • Health: 100 (+2.0 regeneration)
  • Energy: 50 (+1.0 regeneration)
  • Armor: 22 (-9% damage mitigation)
  • Speed: 5.0



  • Slugga
  • Choppa
  • Big Shoota
  • Burna
  • Big Choppa
  • Rokkit Launcha
  • Dakka Deffgun
  • Zaap Knife
  • Pokkit Rokkit Launcha


  • 'Eavy armor
  • Teleporta Pack
  • Mad Teleporta Pack
  • Leaky Armor
  • Electric Armor
  • Kustom Force Field


  • Booby Traps
  • Battery Pack
  • Mega-Rumblah
  • Speshul Tools
  • Boom Time!
  • Sturdy Bitz
  • Cybork Parts
  • Dok's Tools
  • Bouncy Shield
  • Proximity Mines
  • 'Uge Bombz
  • Juiced Up Tellyporta

Commander itemsEdit

  • Roks
  • Trophy Rack
  • Boss Pole


1.The Mekboy is most often used as a teleporting ranged damage dealer, a role easy to start with as the required equipment is available right away at level 1. He can also scatter booby traps, buff his allies – the Mekboy's energy renewal ability being noteworthy – and use a "nuke" attack, Roks.

2. One tactic is to use him as a suicide bomber and run him into the enemy. When he dies, he blows up, instantly killing a space marine commander and the apothecaries. 

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