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Dow2 tyr hive tyrant portrait

The Hive Tyrant is the Tyranid hero in The Last Stand. This hero is slow, but cannot be suppressed or knocked down. It has effective weapon options and can summon Tyranid minions to help the team.

The Hive Tyrant was added to the Dawn of War II and Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising version of TLS in the 2.1 update (March 10, 2010), and requires a copy of Chaos Rising to use. In the Dawn of War II: Retribution and The Last Standalone versions of TLS, the Tyrant is always available.

Base stats[]

  • Health: 100 (+2.0 regeneration)
  • Energy: 50 (+1.0 regeneration)
  • Armor: 105 (-37% damage mitigation)
  • Speed: 4.5



Dow2 tyr talons defaultScything TalonsLevel 0Long talons evolved for killing the hive's enemies.
Dow2 tyr wp lictor scything talonsEnlarged Scything TalonsLevel 0These enlarged talons do increased damage and trigger biomorphs in all minion creatures, making their attacks more powerful and able to pierce armor.
Dow2 tyr wp hive venom cannonVenom CannonLevel 4Powerful weapon firing bolts of crystalized venom that can penetrate even the thickest of armor.
Dow2 tyr wp hive knockbackHeavy TalonsLevel 10Heavy talons evolved for disrupting the hive's enemies. Triggers a hive evolution that makes minions immune to knockback.
Dow2 tyr ravener crippling talonCrushing TalonsLevel 14Doing less single-strike damage, these talons are a sign of a powerful evolution in the hive, causing all minion creatures to heal the Hive Tyrant every time they attack.
Dow2 tyr venom cannon legendaryHigh-Toxin Venom CannonLevel 19Weapon symbiote firing especially toxic venom shards. Triggers a hive evolution causing all minion creatures to heal when an enemy is struck by this weapon.


Dow2 tyr default carapaceCarapaceArmored chitin covers the Hive Tyrant, making him resistant to harm.
Dow2 tyr acc hive bioplasmaExtended CarapaceEnlarged chitin carapace allowing for the emission of deadly bio-plasma from the Hive Tyrant's innards.
Dow2 tyr acc ravener poison cloudPoison CystsCarapace riddled with small poison cysts used to excrete clouds of toxic miasma.

The Last Stand/Bonded Exoskeleton The Last Stand/Articulated Carapace The Last Stand/Reinforced Chitin


The Last Stand/Genestealer Nest

The Last Stand/Seismic Roar

The Last Stand/Toxin Sacs

The Last Stand/Tyrant Guard Nest

The Last Stand/Warrior Nest

The Last Stand/Warp Field

The Last Stand/Implant Attacks

The Last Stand/Psychic Scream

The Last Stand/Bio-Feedback

The Last Stand/Explosive Decomposition

The Last Stand/Ravener Nest

Commander items[]

The Last Stand/Thornback

The Last Stand/Synapse

The Last Stand/Evolution

Spawned in troops[]

Dow2 tyr genestealers iconGenestealer BroodElite melee infantryAn elite melee unit that infiltrates after staying still for enough time. Adrenal Rush ability grants increased speed, lifesteal and increased damage.
Dow2 tyr warriors iconWarrior BroodHeavy melee infantryMelee unit that projects a synapse aura that increases the durability of nearby Tyranid units. Can be upgraded with the Barbed Strangler to suppress enemy infantry. Detects infiltrated units.
Dow2 tyr tyrant guard iconTyrant GuardMonstrous creatureA large, durable melee unit that moves faster in synapse. Can use the Shieldwall ability, which regenerates health and reduces incoming damage.
Dow2 tyr raveners iconRavener BroodAssault unitFragile, high-damage melee unit that is effective against infantry and capable of burrowing underground. Can be upgraded with the Devourer, a ranged weapon effective against infantry and the Enhanced Muscle Coil to unlock the Burrow ability.


The Hive Tyrant is large and slow, but his armor selections, including his base armor, all confer immunity to both suppression and knockback. The Hive Tyrant will not often have the highest DPS of a team's heroes, but his ability to summon units of Tyranids to the battlefield – like 3 Genestealers, a Tyrant Guard, a Warrior, and/or a Ravener – can more than make up for this deficiency.