Dow2 csm sorcerer portrait

The Chaos Sorcerer is the Chaos Space Marine hero in The Last Stand. This hero is an offensive spell caster, who can choose between teleportation or even more destructive abilities.

The Sorcerer was added to the Dawn of War II and Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising version of TLS in the 2.1 update (March 10, 2010), and requires a copy of Chaos Rising to use. In the Dawn of War II: Retribution and The Last Standalone versions of TLS, the Sorcerer is always available.

Base statsEdit

  • Health: 100 (+2.0 regeneration)
  • Energy: 50 (+1.0 regeneration)
  • Armor: 12 (-5% damage mitigation)
  • Speed: 6.0



  • Bolt Pistol (default)
  • Force Sword (default)
  • Staff of Warpfire (level 1)
  • Sword of Spite (level 1)
  • Sword of Fate (level 6)
  • Staff of Tzeentch (level 12)
  • Staff of Daemonic Flame (level 15)


  • Power Armor (default)
  • Armor of Eternal War (level 1)
  • Vestments of Power Undivided (level 3)
  • Robes of Unholy Fortitude (level 9)
  • Armor of Might Undivided (level 13)
  • Robes of the Deathless (level 17)


Dow2 csm mark of tzeentch iconMark of TzeentchThe favor of the Changer of Ways enhances the Energy reserves of the Sorcerer and any Daemonic Doppelgangers he summons. A Narcissistic Sorcerer enhances his Energy reserves by twice the amount.
Dow2 csm tome of hunger iconTome of HungerUsing this black text, the Sorcerer may Consume a summoned Doppelganger to restore his own health. A Narcissistic Sorcerer may instead Consume his own Energy to restore his health.
Dow2 csm scroll of blood iconScroll of BloodThis heretical text allows the Sorcerer to cast an Orb of Blood, allowing allies to drain Health from their foes.
Dow2 csm tome of doom iconTome of DoomUsing this volume, the Sorcerer may fire deadly Doombolts upon his foes.
  • Sigil of Greater Sorcery (level 7)
  • Daemonic Gift of Retaliation (level 8)
  • Scroll of Vengeance (level 11)
  • Daemonic Gift of Spite (level 14)
  • Scroll of Unholy Might (level 16)
  • Sigil of Master Sorcery (level 18)
  • Daemonic Gift of Sustenance (level 19)

Commander itemsEdit

  • Icon of Summoning (level 5)
  • Icon of Change (level 10)
  • Icon of Pain (level 20)


The Chaos Sorcerer is a spell-caster with a very weak normal attack. He can be built as a support hero or a damage dealer, or something in between, depending on his equipment. The Sorcerer can create friendly doppelgängers of enemy units, create orbs that provide benefits to allies standing within them, and cast devastating attack spells. He is extremely fragile, however, and may be frustrating to play until gaining the Warp (self-teleport) ability at level 12.

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