One of the most common loadouts for the Captain is the Plasma Pistol (unlocked at level 4), Power Axe (unlocked at level 7) and a Jump Pack (unlocked at level 8). This particular loadout is very quick at moving thanks to his Assault Jump ability (which knocks back targets near where he lands) and is very lethal in close combat. Captain can also summon a Dreadnought (unlocked at level 15) or use the powerful Orbital Bombardment (unlocked at level 20) to destroy anything that stands in his way.

if you're a low level you can use to victory ability to smash your way through horde enemies and eldar banshees and other things, it recharges really quickly so you can spam it quite well. and try to focus on one gate and kill everything there before trying to help teamates kill their enemies.

Thunder Hammer Edit

Look, Thunder Hammer is the coolest thing about a Force Commander. In special attacks does splash damage so very fun to use in combat. But, its animation takes one more second than the Power Axe and does 10 less damage than the Axe so not the best weapon. It can be used in the second arena where the vehicles comes more. It's special effect stuns vehicles and it can counter them.

Survival Builds Edit

Items dependent on level and DLCs, but,

Level 1: Master-Crafted Chainsword (Each strike of this weapon invigorates the wielder with 10 health) Master-Crafted Bolt Pistol  (Increases health regeneration by 1.5) Armor of Resilience (Armor Rating 128. Grants trait Unshakable (Makes the wearer immune to knockback.))

This build is often the first build the players start with (The Bolter is a support weapon, that really shines in higher level matches with its stun grenades, but in the early games, the SM:C is going to be the tank, soaking up damage and holding bigger targets in place for the two other Heroes to destroy)

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