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Dc minimap the demes northlands

The Demes Northlands is a province on Kronus and one of the locations in Dark Crusade.


A landmass reaching far into Kronus's arctic region, the Northlands are largely covered by polar ice and permafrost. Only outcasts and renegades have ever voluntarily made their homes in this harsh land.

Demes features scattered boreal forests, rolling hills dotted with ancient mines, tundra and large ice fields. Snowfall occurs year-round, with harsh blizzards striking throughout the winter.


  • +75 Planetary Requisition
  • Honor Guard unit
    • Veteran Assault Marine (Space Marines)
    • Veteran Ranger Squad (Eldar)
    • Daemonkin Obliterator (Chaos)
    • Fire Warrior Bodyguard (Tau Empire)
    • Tomb Spyder (Necrons)
    • Sentinel (Imperial Guard)
    • Killa Kan (Orks)