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Chaos Stronghold

A view of the Deimos Peninsula in game

The Deimos Peninsula is a province on Kronus and one of the locations of Dark Crusade. It is the stronghold province of the Chaos Space Marines.

In Game Description[]

Once the most beautiful place on Kronus, the Deimos Peninsula was turned into a pure hellscape after the arrival of the Word Bearers on the planet. It now houses the Warp portal responsible for bringing more of the Chaos Marines onto the planet.


  • +100 Planetary Requisition.
  • Eliminate Chaos from the campaign



  • Destroy the Warp Portal


  • Stop the Blood Pulse
  • Rescue the Prisoners



The Deimos Peninsula loading screen.

There will be a considerable amount of assaults on your base from the very beginning, mostly Cultists but Chaos Marines and Berzerker Champions sometimes accompany them.

Start by making tier one units to fend off the initial attack, if you have an Honor Guard this will greatly ease things. As you begin to capture strategic points you'll notice that one of the paths used by the enemy is a narrow chokepoint with a strategic point nearby, an upgraded LP and a few turrets/squads should be enough to fend of future assaults.

The most dangerous aspect of your assault on the forces of Chaos is the Blood Pulse unleashed at regular intervals in and around the Chaos towers. If your units are standing too close to the towers when the countdown hits zero, the Pulse will go off and the entire unit will be wiped out, Honor Guards included. This gimmick is tied to the central Strategic Point marked with the Symbol of Chaos, so capturing it should be first on your To-Do list. Make your way past the eastern tower - the one closest to your base - where you'll encounter a small Chaos camp, take your time and clear it out. It should make a suitable location for a forward base.

Soon after that a Bloodthirster will spawn, it will either go for your advancing forces or head counter-clockwise towards the western entrance to your main base. Be warned that even if you take the Bloodthirster out, it will not be long before another spawns. This will happen until you destroy the Daemon Pits near the Relic.

After halting the Blood Pulse, you have the option to go for the Relic and second secondary objective to get some bonus units or simply press your attack on the main Chaos base. With the Blood Pulse gone, you have a lot more freedom to move around and the outlying Chaos camps should be relatively easy to destroy at this point. You may want to invest in some heavy artillery for the final attack on Eliphas' stronghold, so capturing the Relic to produce your race's super-unit is recommended. Should you opt to capture the Relic, note that it is guarded by a squad of Obliterators and augmented by a Chaos camp right in front of it, so proceed with the utmost caution.

If you are able to counter the force guarding the Relic, you must also contend with the prisoners, guarded by a Sorcerer (It is never specified, but he could be either Amphion or Zethus). Kill him, and you will receive extra units. Note that even if they are marked as Honor Guards, you can only use them for this stage and no other.

The Chaos Gate is the main thing you need to destroy. It is heavily guarded though, with or without Eliphas, so take your time to wreck the place, blow up the Plasma Generators, deal with the turrets, and fire on the buildings. Once that is done, you may proceed with the destruction of the gate. Do that, and you will foil the Word Bearer's designs for Kronus, eliminating them from the campaign.