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Map Argus Outskirts
Briefing Commander, Mek Badzappa and his Orks are set to overrun Argus, the planetary capital. If they do so, all of Calderis will fall. I have set up a defense at the city gates, but the initiates and Space Marines there need your support. You will drop south of their position and drive north to secure the gates. I have taken a few Space Marines to the east and have cut off the Orks' main approach. Calderis must not fall, Commander.
Objectives Protect the Argus City Gate
Eliminate Mek Badzappa
Bonus Intelligence Heavy ranged weaponry will aid in holding the city gate against Ork attackers.
Badzappa is likely to deploy proximity mines and stikkbombz. Nimble units will be at an advantage.
Reward Melta Bomb Pack


The Cleansing Begins

For completing this mission, you receive the "The Cleansing Begins" achievement for 30 Gamerscore.