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The Aceria Forests is a province on Kronus and one of the locations in Dark Crusade.


The Aceria Forests are home to several prominent universities and research facilities. Behind the idyllic walls of these institutions, intense – and some would say heretical – study of alien life takes place.

Temperate weather and plentiful rainfall feed the massive forest. Until the corruption of Deimos, the sea of trees was broken only by small rivers and a few small chains of mountains. Now horrors from the Immaterium haunt the south's twisted woods.


  • +50 Planetary Requisition
  • Increased Manpower: +4 Infantry Squads and +2 Vehicle cap

Campaign strategy[]

Dc minimap the aceria forests

Unlike most maps that provides bonuses to the player controlling the area, the game settings are the same as on regular maps. Players simply need to destroy all enemy Headquarters to win the province from the opposing player.