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Thaddeus is a young Space Marine and the Sergeant of an Assault Squad in the Blood Ravens 4th Company during the events of Dawn of War II and the Chaos Rising expansion. For his combat unit stats, see:


Recently promoted to Sergeant, Thaddeus has made a name for himself battling the feral Orks of Calderis and Typhon. Brash and idealistic, he leads his Assault Marines with undisguised enthusiasm.

A native of Meridian, Thaddeus was an under-city gang leader when Davian Thule recruited him to become a Blood Raven. Although his days as a ganger are long gone, Thaddeus maintains the brazen attitude he learned in the under-city.

Chaos Rising[]

A year after the defeat of the Tyranid hive fleet, Thaddeus was still a sergeant in the Force Commander's task force. He participates in the initial landing on planet Aurelia, and, depending on the Commander's choices, may have participated in subsequent missions throughout the Aurelian sub-sector.

Depending on the player's choices in missions and equipment, Thaddeus could be revealed as the traitor in the Blood Ravens. His corruption began during the climatic battle with the Tyranids in the previous year, where he began to hear the whispers of the daemon Ulkair. Ulkair promised to open a crack in the Warp, freeing the mired Third Company fleet from the Hive Mind's interference, allowing them to break through the Warp join the battle. The Force Commander led a mission to kill Thaddeus, who was armed with a Chainsword and Plasma Pistol. Thaddeus was also capable of creating a large explosion on impact after an Assault Jump, similar to the Raptor Assault but weaker in strength.


According to the canon revealed in Retribution, Thaddeus is not the traitor. Although Thaddeus and the Force Commander do not appear in Retribution, there are hints from item descriptions and dialogue between the remaining Space Marines that the two had been sent on a century-long crusade of penance, matching the "Slightly Corrupted" ending in Chaos Rising.