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T'au is the homeworld of the Tau Empire and the dominant Sept, considered the spiritual, political, cultural, and administrative capital of the empire. Its citizens are thought to be especially learned and wise.

The Tau Empire forces appearing in Dawn of War: Dark Crusade are of the T'au Sept.


The planet itself is a hot, dry, arid world primarily covered in savannah and scattered mountain ranges. The little arable land is covered with efficiently run collective farms managed by the Earth Caste. Cities rise into the sky, covered in white marble, in stark contrast to the Hives of the Imperium. No humans have ever walked on the streets of the capital, located on the equator, and Imperial scans are blocked by Tau technology. At the centre of this city appears to be a heavily defended fortress, possibly the heart of the Tau Empire, the high council of the Ethereals.

The planet was discovered by the Imperium in 789.M35 by the Land's Vison, an exploration ship of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Shortly after that it was surrounded by vast Warp storms, cutting off the entire region. Only six thousand years later, the Tau Empire spanned 300 lightyears.

When the Imperium first arrived in the vicinity of T'au, it was a feral world with primitive people scraping a living off of the ground. When the Imperium returned following the Warp storms, they attempted to conquer the Tau Empire, and were successful in conquering quite a few planets. However, they were forced to pull back in light of the advances of Hive Fleet Behemoth.

Tau Fire Warrior

T'au Sept Fire Warrior

Warriors from T'au are known as wise and experienced, being the original explorers who fought the first battles during the initial expansion phase of the Tau Empire. T'au is also the template upon which newly founded colonies are based. The battlesuit combat techniques used by many new Tau worlds are the same as those practiced by T'au. Their warriors tend to forgo the ability to target multiple enemies, concentrating instead on utterly destroying a single unit before moving on to the next. They are aware that by using similar tactics, their enemy may be able to overcome them, but they are loath to change them. Their warriors spend evenings planning in detail the next days' attacks and meditating on their lives in case they fall in battle.

Dawn of War: Dark Crusade[]

During the Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, the T'au were sent to Kronus to fight back the Necrons and other races. Shas'o Ka'is was a student of the ethereal caste, and was the T'au commander. There the entire T'au branch was in Kronus. During the conquest, they lost and won many battles, but ended up in defeat from the Space Marines.