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Stolen Armor
Dawn of War II campaign mission
Location Green Tooth Gorge
Briefing Commander, the Greenskins continue to take advantage of the chaos in the sector. Whether they are receiving support from the Eldar or simply following an especially dangerous Warboss, they excel at striking at vulnerable targets. Our supply lines are being crippled by these raiders, and that puts the whole sector at risk. Eliminate this Ork band with extreme prejudice, Commander.
Objectives Eliminate Deff Driva
Locate and destroy the Ork encampments
Intelligence Elite hand-to-hand combat troops defend this target.
Waaagh! Banners and Teleporta Platforms summon additional Ork enemies.
Notes Search & Destroy: Several enemy camps are located on the map
Reward Random


  • Primary Objective: Destroy the Teleporta Platform (0/1)
  • Primary Objective: Destroy the Ork Generators (0/5)
  • Primary Objective: Eliminate Deff Driva


Map (Green Tooth Gorge)