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Stand With Your Brothers
Dawn of War II campaign mission
Location Argus Outskirts
Briefing Calderis. We Blood Ravens select our initiates from this world's fierce warriors. Calderis is the cradle and the future of our chapter. Now, the Orks would take it from us. This, we cannot allow.
Objectives Move North
Stop the Ork Incursion
Reward Improved Chainsword (level 2 common chainsword)


  • Primary Objective: Move North
  • Primary Objective: Kill the Orks
  • Primary Objective: Support Thule and the Initiates
  • Primary Objective: Destroy the Attacking Orks
  • Primary Objective: Move to the Ruins
  • Primary Objective: Defeat Ork Assault
  • Primary Objective: Locate the Ork Camp
  • Primary Objective: Destroy the Guard Tower
  • Primary Objective: Collapse the Mine Entrance


Map (Argus Outskirts)

This walkthrough assumes Primarch difficulty.

The mission is very simple, and the objectives you're given quite unambiguous. You start at the southern edge of the map (blue star marker). Advance as directed by Captain Thule and eliminate Orks as necessary. Practice keeping your men in heavy (green) cover at all times and use Tarkus's fragmentation grenades liberally on clusters of Orks. Be careful in sending your Force Commander into melee – on easier difficulty levels, he can handle small mobs by himself, but on Primarch he is killed surprisingly quickly if used recklessly. This is all for practice, however, as it seems none of your men can actually die during this introductory mission.

Upon reaching Captain Thule's position, one of the Orks attacking his fortification should drop an upgrade. Be sure to pick this up. Proceed east to encounter a truck (yellow objective marker); you are offered a very good defensive position and should repel the Orks easily even without any grenades left from the first part. A bit northwest is a yard you must clear of Orks, and a defense tower that is brought down easily with a single grenade.

Use grenades (or gunfire) to explode the barrels Captain Thule points out in order to collapse the tunnel and finish the mission. At this point, your next mission must be Retake the Hamlet.

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