Faction Tech Tree Strategy Background
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This page is about Dawn of War units. For background information, see Space Marines.

Dawn of WarEdit


Dow sm force commander icon Dow sm librarian icon

Dow sm toth iconInquisitor TothTertiary commander


Dow sm servitor icon Dow scoutmarine icon Dow tacticalmarine icon Dow sm assaultmarine icon Dow sm terminator icon Dow terminator assault icon Dow sm apothecary icon

Dow sm skullprobe iconSkull ProbeScouting unit


Dow sm rhino icon Dow sm land speeder icon Dow sm dreadnought icon Dow sm hellfire dreadnought icon Dow sm whirlwind icon Dow sm predator icon Dow sm land raider icon


Dow sm bolter turret iconHeavy Bolter TurretStationary defense
Dow sm orbital relay iconOrbital RelayDeep striking platform

Winter AssaultEdit

The expansion introduced new units to the Space Marines.


Wa sm chaplain iconChaplainSecondary commanderDevastating melee attack. Dramatically increases the regeneration rate of surrounding units.