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Vehicle Beacon
Ss tau vehicle beacon icon Faction Tau Empire Health 4000 Buy Reinf.
Tier 2 Morale Dow req 300
Built by Earth Caste Builder Sight radius 15 Dow pow 100
Armor building med Detect radius 0 Dow squ
Mass Speed Dow veh +2
Model count 1/1 Build time 60
Requisitions non-battlesuit vehicle units (Devilfish, Sky Ray, Drone Harbinger, Drone Squad, and Hammerhead Gunship). Also increases Vehicle Cap. Data version: 1.2

The Vehicle Beacon is a production building for the Tau Empire in Dawn of War: Soulstorm.


  • Requisitions non-battlesuit vehicle units.
  • Produces: Devilfish Troop Carriers, Sky Ray Missile Gunships, Drone Harbingers, Drone Squads, and Hammerhead Gunships.
  • Increases Vehicle Cap.


The Vehicle Beacon allows you to call in the use of Tau vehicles, including the Devilfish Troop Carrier, Skyray Missile Gunships, Drone Harbingers, Drone Squads, and Hammerhead Gunships.

Vehicle Beacons have an enormous area blueprint which can often make them difficult to fit in the control area around a standard base, despite the modest size of the actual building. Often players will find themselves forced to build on the very edge of the control area, or where it overlaps with a captured point. Plan with this in mind. Unless you intend to forgo standard vehicles, leave one side of your Cadre Headquarters completely free of barracks,generators, and research structures, so you may easily place your Vehicle Beacon when the time comes to build it.