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Kabal Fortress
Dark Eldar Kabal Fortress icon Faction Dark Eldar Health 4800 Buy Reinf.
Tier 1 Morale N/A Dow req 450
Built by Tortured Slave Sight radius 30 Dow pow
Armor Building High Detect radius 0 Dow squ
Mass N/A Speed N/A Dow veh
Model count 1/1 Build time 180
Primary structure of the Dark Eldar that produces Tortured Slaves, Mandrakes and the Haemonculus. Must be upgraded to achieve tier 2, and once again to achieve tier 3. Data version: 1.2

The Kabal Fortress is the HQ building of the Dark Eldar race in Dawn of War: Soulstorm.




Be mindful of your Kabal Fortress; it is rather vulnerable to damage withs its low 4800 health. With the Dark Eldar having no turret or minefield technology, it is rather hard to defend to Kabal Fortress.

It has a rather small control zone radius, put is at least larger than the Webway Assembly's and Monolith's. Nonetheless, building placement must be done carefully to avoid wasting space or leaving no room for units to move about. Because of the small control zone it is often best to place your production buildings, such as the Hall of Blood and Dark Foundry, in the zone of a Tower of Loathing or Thermo Plasma Generator. You could simply create another Kabal Fortress, however this can drain resources and is not worth it for the low health and small control zone.