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Inferno Turret
Ss sisters of battle inferno turret icon Dow2 dec anti infantry ranged aoe Faction Sisters of Battle Health 900 Buy Reinf.
Tier 1 Morale N/A Dow req 90
Built by Ecclesiarchal Servitor Sight radius 35 Dow pow 45
Armor Building Low Detect radius 35 Dow squ
Mass N/A Speed N/A Dow veh
Model count 1/1 Build time 40
Defensive structure that burns enemy units in holy fire. Can be upgraded to be effective against vehicles. Data version: 1.2.0

The Inferno Turret is the static defence for the Sisters of Battle in Dawn of War: Soulstorm.


  • Detects infiltrated units.
  • Emplaced turret equipped with twin-linked Inferno Cannons.
  • Effective against infantry units.
  • Can replace its default weapons with anti-vehicle weapons.


The Inferno Turret is fairly similar to the Space Marines', Chaos Space Marines' and Imperial Guard's respective turrets. However, the catch is that the Inferno Cannon can damage many enemy units at the same time. It can break enemy squads very quickly because it affects the morale of each individual. The turret deals less damage however.

Ultimately, the Inferno Turret, like the fortified Listening Post, is much more effective at delaying enemy forces and supporting your own units instead of out-right defending your base. This also over-rides the role of the ability Laud Hailer and the Purgatus Mine Fields, as they all are effective at breaking infantry. And because of that, you have a lot of options that all do the same role.

Inferno Turrets really shine in their ability to demolish vehicles. With a cheap 50 requisition, you can add on the Multi-Melta Turret Upgrade. The weapon it receives is great against vehicles. Although this add-on may not be as good as the other imperium forces' equivalent, it is necessary as it is the only static defence that is reliable against vehicles. The Sisters of Battle heavily fortified Listening Post is terrible against vehicles and the Purgatus Mine Field's peristant damage is only good against infantry.

Another potent combination is to pair two upgraded (Multi-melta) turrets with either a non-upgraded turret, or Listening Post. As the turret or listening post will break the morale of infantry in extremely short order, they become a non-issue, and the trio of buildings can quickly take them down. Against vehicles, the twin multi-meltas will quickly mop up any vehicle within range. For even more punch, leave a Battle Sister Squad just in behind to hunt down any durable infantry, such as Possessed Marines.

If you suspect that the enemy is constructing powerful vehicles, it is important to protect your outer Listening Posts with upgraded Inferno Turrets.