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Ecclesiarchal Chapel
Ss sisters of battle ecclesiarchal chapel icon Faction Sisters of Battle Health 6000 Buy Reinf.
Tier 1 Morale N/A Dow req 450
Built by Ecclesiarchal Servitor Sight radius 25 Dow pow
Armor Building High Detect radius 0 Dow squ
Mass N/A Speed N/A Dow veh
Model count 1/1 Build time 150
Primary structure for the Sisters of Battle. Must be upgraded multiple times to advance through the tiers. Can use Laud Hailer to damage enemy morale and heal friendly morale. Data version: 1.2.0

The Ecclesiarchal Chapel is the HQ of the Sisters of Battle in Dawn of War: Soulstorm.


  • Sisters of Battle Headquarters building.
  • Produces: Ecclesiarchal Servitors, Missionaries and the Confessor.
  • Projects a control area around itself, allowing other buildings to be built near it.


The Ecclesiarchal Chapel is durable and has a large control radius, similarly to the Space Marine's Stronghold. This makes it powerful. However, building a new one can be expensive.

If an enemy army is attacking your HQ, it is important to use Laud Hailer. With the ability to demoralise enemy units and keep your own units fighting strong, it is rather useful. Make sure, however, that you actually have an army right beside your Ecclesiarchal Chapel, or half the ability's use will be wasted. Note that almost every building that the Sisters of Battle have hold of is able to use Laud Hailers, so try to spread out the use of it in your base.

If you want to beat your opponent to tier 2, don't build the Pristine Sanctuary and use the money to upgrade the Ecclesiarchal Chapel. Rushing to tier 3, however, is worse as the upgrade only unlocks 2 units and 1 building. If you do not build the Pristine Sanctuary before advancing to the next tier, this does stall the production of Flamers on your Battle Sisters, as well as the training of Seraphim Squads. If the enemy has generally light infantry (such as the Eldar and Imperial Guard), or you need some melee support (such as against the Orks), don't rush to tier 2 and build the Pristine Sanctuary.

Once the Ecclesiarchal Cathedral has been upgraded, try to upgrade Act of Faith: Emperor's Touch Research as quick as possible. The ability is great against vehicles and much cheaper than buying a Celestian Squad (assuming you already have Missionaries on the field).