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This page is about a Dawn of War: Soulstorm multiplayer and single-player units. For previous versions, see Dawn of War. For background information, see Dark Eldar.


Dark Eldar Archon icon Archon Dow2 dec anti everything melee ...

Dark Eldar Haemonculus icon


  • Secondary Commander unit, high morale damage, detects infiltrated units, effective against all unit types.


DoWSSDarkEldarBuilderTorturedSlave Tortured Slave Dow2 tier1 Builder unit. Human slave taken captive in a Dark Eldar raid. Plants warp spire pods to start building construction. Can walk away once planted and building will finish itself.
Dark Eldar Mandrake icon

Mandrake Squad[]

  • Melee Scouts, can be upgraded with infiltration.
Dark Eldar Warrior icon

Warrior Squad[]

  • Infantry, effective at range, effective against infantry.
Dark Eldar Scourge icon

Scourge Squad[]

  • Heavy infantry, jump troops, effective at range, effective against infantry and heavy infantry.
Dark Eldar Wych icon

Wych Squad[]

  • Heavy infantry, slows and morale damage, effective against commanders and infantry.
Dark Eldar Warp Beast icon

Warp Beast Pack[]

  • Daemon, melee, effective against infantry and heavy infantry, will attack allies if morale breaks.


Dark Eldar Hellion icon

Hellion Squad[]

  • Infantry (on gliders), effective at melee, good against infantry.
Dark Eldar Reaver icon

Reaver Jetbike[]

  • Fast moving, can uncapture, effective vs infantry.
Dark Eldar Raider icon


  • Assault platform, most damage comes from mounted units, can jump terrain, equipped with dark lance to destroy vehicles.
Dark Eldar Raven icon


  • Assault fighter, effective against all units, can short circuit to prevent vehicles and turrets from attacking.
Dark Eldar Talos icon


  • Heavy vehicle, melee, can harvest sol essence, effective against all types.
Dark Eldar Ravager icon


  • Heavy vehicle, default weapons effective vs vehicles and buildings, can upgrade against infantry, effective against aircraft.
Dark Eldar Dais of Destruction icon

Dais of Destruction[]

  • Ultimate vehicle, protected from range damage, effective vs all units, dark scythe front canal ability.


Dark Eldar Kabal Fortress icon Kabal Fortress Dow2 tier1 Primary structure of the Dark Eldar that produces Tortured Slaves, Mandrakes and the Haemonculus. Must be upgraded to achieve tier 2, and once again to achieve tier 3.
Dark Eldar Hall of Blood icon

Hall of Blood[]

  • Infantry units
Dark Eldar Slave Chamber icon

Slave Chamber[]

  • increases pop cap, increases reinforcement speed, upgraded to demoralize enemies, or output soul essence for harvesting.
Dark Eldar Dark Foundry icon

Dark Foundry[]

  • Vehicle Bay
Dark Eldar Haemonculus Laboratory icon

Haemonculus' Laboratory[]

  • Contains research to improve infantry units.
Dark Eldar Tower of Loathing icon

Tower of Loathing[]

  • listening post
Dark Eldar Wych Cult Arena icon

Wych-Cult Arena[]

  • Contains research to improve commander units, allows units: wych squad, talos.
Dark Eldar Soul Cage icon

Soul Cage[]

  • Allows units: Ravagers and Dais of Destruction (requires relic).
Dark Eldar Plasma Generator icon

Plasma Generator[]

  • Energy
Dark Eldar Thermo Plasma Generator icon

Thermo Plasma Generator[]

  • Energy


Soul Power Piercing Vision icon

Piercing Vision[]

  • 40 Soul Essence - temporarily grants detection to single squad or vehicle.
Soul Power Screams of the Damned icon

Screams of the Dammed[]

  • 40 Soul Essence - Temporarily reduces morale of all enemy units.
Soul Power Rend Soul icon

Rend Soul[]

  • 150 Soul Essence - Temporarily disables abilities and causes damage.
Soul Power Corrosion icon


  • 200 Soul Essence - Creates acidic cloud that reduces enemy unit armour.
Soul Power Rekindle Rage icon

Rekindle Rage[]

  • 200 Soul Essence - All abilities on target unit are instantly recharged.
Soul Power Soulstorm icon


  • 275 Soul Essence - Guided area attack that does high damage and can harm friendly units.