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T'au sept flag

The flag of the T'au Sept, the homeworld of the Tau

A Sept is a partially autonomous colony of the Tau Empire. Each Sept has its own identity, culture, traditions, colors and symbols, much like an Eldar Craftworld or a Space Marine Chapter. Tau Empire Septs, however, are all deeply committed to the collective culture and the good of the Empire.

The identity of a Sept seems to be most affected by the caste composition of the population. Military doctrines also differ, although new colonies tend to rely on T'au methods until the colony "matures".

In late M41, there are more than 20 Septs in existence, although all are not known to the Imperium.

Known Tau Empire Septs[]


  • T'au -- Spiritual, political, cultural, and administrative centre of the Tau Empire. Citizens considered especially learned and wise.

First expansion[]

  • Tau'n -- First offworld colony. Tau from this world are considered to be pioneers.
  • D'yanoi -- Isolated from the empire for a time, considered rustic and backwards.
  • Bork'an -- Centre of learning and academia.
  • Dal'yth -- Cosmopolitan and trader-friendly.
  • Fal'shia -- Centre of technological development.
  • Vior'la -- A major military centre, warriors especially aggressive and skilled.
  • Sa'cea -- Another military centre, warriors very disciplined and honorable.

Second expansion[]

  • Au'taal -- Beautiful Sept, citizens considered easygoing and lazy.
  • N'dras -- Abandoned for unclear reasons. Remaining inhabitants regarded as untrustworthy and quick-tempered.
  • Ke'lshan -- Suffered several raids by alien races. Citizens mistrustful, unfriendly and sometimes openly hostile to aliens. Invaded by Hive Fleet Gorgon.
  • Elsy'eir -- Known for poetry and artwork. Citizens considered creative and intellectual.
  • Tash'var -- Raided several times by Orks and pirates. People regarded as tenacious, hardy, practical and courageous.
  • Vash'ya -- Primarily populated by the Air Caste.
  • T'olku -- Known for its Ethereals.

Third expansion[]

  • Ksi'm'yen's -- Colonists associated with luck, subterfuge and opportunism.
  • Fi'rios -- Pioneers recognized for a tenacious refusal to accept defeat.