The Sama District is the stronghold of the Sisters of Battle, with a number of bases scattered around the map and one primary one which is the base of the Living Saint. The unique aspects of this map:

-Periodically a Crusade will gradually build up. A priest will walk through a number of bases, gathering up forces as he goes. Once he's gone through a set of them the rather sizeable army he will have built up by this point will attack you en-masse, so be ready for a heavy fight. The majority of the army will be infantry, so have a good set of anti-infantry units built up to handle one of these attacks. Destroying enough of the bases will prevent crusades.

-The primary base has a very unique defense which will force you to become very familiar with the Divide and Conquer tactic. The Living Saint relic unit residing there is fully invincible, and also grants this invincibility to all allied buildings and units within a certain range of her. This invincibility is powered by four statues surrounding the platform that the main base is on, which you have to destroy in order to nullify it. The problem is, the moment you attack one statue the Saint flies over to it and protects it with her invincibility aura. You will have to divide your forces to attack two statues at once; while she protects one you destroy the other. It gets more interesting once you've destroyed three and are aiming for the fourth one.

You will need to attack the main base to distract the Saint from the fourth statue. When this is done, the Saint moves to the center of the main base and is joined by a large army (which she protects with invincibility) on an aggressive assault against your forces. You now have two options: attack this final army with a moderate force to keep it busy while a second force destroys the final statue, allowing you to finally attack and kill the Saint plus her surrounding army and finally the main base, or wait for the Saint plus army to move far enough away from the central base, distracting it with a decent sized force, and send whatever anti-ground Air units plus teleporting/jetpacking units you can to the main base. All you need to do to win is to destroy the central structure; if your forces can distract the Saint's army long enough for this, you win.

BONUS: Forward Bases Edit

The bonus you receive from controlling the Sama District is the Forward Bases ability. When attacking a territory, if you click the arrow over from your Honor Guard list on the left you get to the Forward Base section where you can pay planetary requisition to have structures already in place for you when the map starts. Unlike the Deep Strike ability from the Space Marine stronghold, this CAN be used against enemy Strongholds. The buildings will remain as part of the garrison if you win.

For most of the races the list of buildings is quite similar:

- Up to 4 power generators

- 1 tech research building

- Two buildings related to building infantry units of different types, i.e. "barracks"-type buildings.

These have roughly the same cost as they would if set as the garrison for a territory, and can definitely make it easier to attack a location.

Given their slow start-up time, this is possibly the most important stronghold for a Necron player to capture.