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Barbed Strangler (Warriors)   
Dow2 tyr barbed strangler icon Unit(s) Warrior Brood Upgrades one member of the squad with a ranged suppression biomorph effective against massed and garrisoned infantry. Barbed stranglers launch seed pods in an indirect arc which erupt on impact, suppressing enemy infantry in radius 6.
Tier 1
Cost Dow2 req 1650 Dow2 pow 1625 Time (seconds)15
Adrenal Glands (Warriors)   
Dow2 tyr adrenal glands icon Unit(s) Warrior Brood Increases health by 50%, melee skill by 10, and allows the squad to damage vehicles in melee. Grants Melee Synapse; allied Hormagaunts, Genestealers, and non-Devourer Raveners in radius 32 have their health increased by 75% and melee skill by 10.
Tier 2
Cost Dow2 req 16100 Dow2 pow 1620 Time (seconds)15