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The Warboss is a heavy tanky Ork that can be suppressed and knocked back. Most players chose the Warboss if they want a very straight forward commander that can plow through infantry and disrupt heavy weapons teams with his default but still very useful "Stomp" ability.

An advantage you receive while playing the Warboss is that hes good at winning the first couple engagements. Simply moving forward with the Warboss and a Slugga Boyz squad could scare off the enemy, or at least until they get a suppression team out leaving you to cap which will result in an early Tier 2 or more units. The Warboss also shields his units because the enemy will focus fire on him allowing you to Waaaahh yourself into there front lines(Be careful he not as tanky as he seems).

The Warboss' unique globals are also designed to win engagements, for example the "'Ard Boyz" global "Lowers received melee damage by 50% for 20 seconds" which is useful for buffing your Sluggas to finish that kill before having to retreat, or if a unit is retreating into a melee squad this is a perfect global to use to avoid losing too many models which will give you an economic advantage.

The "Use Yer Choppas!" global "Increases an allied infantry squad's melee damage by 40% and melee skill by 60 for 25 seconds. Cooldown 50 seconds." which is very good at disrupting infantry because the increase of melee skill will increase the likely hood of triggering a special attack which normally disrupt infantry.

The Warboss isn't just a big bad Ork that Stompz da Gitz, he can also provide support with the combination of the "Bang Bang Hammer" and the "Boss Pole". Though buying two wargear upgrades will set you back on energy the bonus health to nearby infantry and inspiration granted to nearby infantry with every kill is worth it. Without any upgrades on the Warboss he wouldn't be able to stand up against a Chaos Lord or a Force Commander that activated Battle Cry without support from Shootas or of some sort. Like most commanders the Warboss has an excellent anti-veheical choice, the Power Claw which deals a whooping 95 RAW heavy melee damage, this claw is more than enough to threaten a predator in late game.

(If you'd like me explain his Wargear further or answer a question just leave a comment)