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Waaagh! Banner
Dow2 ork waaagh banner Faction Orks Health 800 Buy Reinf. Upkeep
Tier 1 Courage Dow2 requisition 75
Armor building_light Sight radius 15 Dow2 power 10
Size huge Detect radius 15 Dow2 popcap 5
XP value 75 Speed Dow2 time 15
Death +15 Model count
Melee skill
A banner that increases the damage, speed and damage resistance of nearby infantry. Data version: 3.18

The Waaagh! Banner is a support structure built by the Mekboy hero. It makes da Orks fight 'arda! A passive aura increases damage and speed while reducing received damage and received suppression.


Waaagh! Banner Aura   
Dow2 cor temp 7 Unit(s) Waaagh! Banner Allied infantry and heroes within a radius of 25 have their damage increased by 6%, speed by 0.25, and received damage and suppression lowered by 6%.
Requires Default ability
Cost Always active
Dow2 ork waaagh shout Unit(s) Waaagh! Banner Release the power of the Waaagh! – do weapon knockback to enemy infantry and stun enemys units for 6 seconds in radius 18. In the same area, allied Ork infantry receive the benefits of Waaagh!!!!. Cooldown 90 seconds.
Requires Default ability
Cost Dow2 global 1620