Dawn of War Wiki
Dow2 tyr carnifex icon Carnifex Dow2 tier3 A living engine of destruction that is impervious to small arms fire. Can be upgraded to even more ferocious in melee, or as a high damage ranged unit with anti-infantry or anti-vehicle biomorphs.
Dow2 tyr genestealers icon Genestealer Brood Dow2 tier2 Dow2 dec anti infantry melee 2 A high-damage melee unit effective against infantry that infiltrates when standing still. Can be upgraded with to be effective against all targets.
Dow2 tyr hormagaunts icon Hormagaunt Brood Dow2 tier1 Dow2 dec anti infantry melee Fast-moving melee unit that can close quickly to attack weaker ranged units or overwhelm enemies in large numbers. Can be upgraded with Adrenal Glands, which increase combat effectiveness.
Dow2 tyr lictor icon Lictor Dow2 tier3 Dow2 dec anti infantry melee 2 Deadly assassin unit that can infiltrate and strike high-value targets with devastating disruption abilities. Detects infiltrated units.
Dow2 tyr raveners icon Ravener Brood Dow2 tier1 Dow2 dec anti infantry melee 2 Fragile, high-damage melee unit that is effective against infantry and capable of burrowing underground. Can be upgraded to ranged anti-infantry weapons.
Dow2 tyr ripper Ripper Swarm Dow2 tier2 Dow2 dec anti infantry melee Small Tyranid creatures that soak up ranged fire and disrupt enemy lines to protect more important creatures. Cannot be suppressed while under synapse. Gain enhancements from Tier 2/3 upgrades.
Dow2 tyr spore mines icon Spore Mines Dow2 tier1 Dow2 dec grenade A support and disruption unit, Spore Mines float into enemy ranks and explode in a cloud of acidic gas, suppressing and damaging the target.
Rt tyr swarmlord icon Swarmlord Dow2 tier3 Legendary synapse creature. Nearly unstoppable in melee. Emits Basic Synapse and Speed Synapse, and allows nearby Tyranids to reinforce.
Dow2 tyr termagant icon Termagant Brood Dow2 tier1 Dow2 dec anti infantry ranged Fragile ranged unit that can overwhelm melee enemies en masse. Can be upgraded with Toxin Sacs to improve effectiveness and gain a ranged infantry snare.
Dow2 tyr tyrant guard icon Tyrant Guard Dow2 tier2 A large, slow and durable melee unit that moves faster in synapse. Can use the Shiedwall to regenerate health and reduce incoming damage and Rampage to charge into combat.
Dow2 tyr venom brood icon Venom Brood Dow2 tier2 Dow2 dec anti vehicle ranged Warrior Brood mutated with venom cannons, effective anti-vehicle weapons. Emits Basic Synapse and detects infiltrated units. Can be upgraded to emit Ranged Synapse.
Dow2 tyr warriors icon Warrior Brood Dow2 tier1 Dow2 dec anti infantry melee 2 Melee unit that projects Basic Synapse, enhancing nearby Tyranid units. Can be upgraded for increased melee capabilities or ranged suppression and AoE damage. Detects infiltrated units.
Dow2 tyr zoanthrope icon Zoanthrope Dow2 tier2 Dow2 dec anti infantry ranged aoe Slow, fragile artillery unit emitting the Basic Synapse and a powerful but short-ranged Regeneration Synapse.