Dawn of War Wiki
Dow2 Tyr brood nest Brood Nest Dow2 tier1 Allows allied infantry in radius 50 to reinforce.
Dow2 tyr cap tower Capillary Tower Dow2 tier3 Crushable terrain bearing testament to a recent Tyranoform. Emits Basic Synapse and Capillary Synapse.
Dow2 Tyr hq Hive The Tyranid HQ building. Produces units, heals nearby infantry and allows reinforcing of squads.
Dow2 Tyr hive node Hive Node (HQ) HQ defense structure. Damages all targets and suppresses infantry.
Dow2 Tyr hive node Hive Node (Ravener Alpha) Dow2 tier1 A defensive Hive Node capable of expelling Spore Clouds. Clouds protect allies and slow enemies within them.
Dow2 Tyr power gen Power Generator Dow2 tier1 Generates the Power resource.
Dow2 Tyr burrow Ravener Tunnel Dow2 tier1 Tyranid tunnel that allows infantry to travel through.