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Terminators are elite Space Marine members. They are inside of a Terminator Armor (Tactical Dreadnouht Armor) and pretty tanky. 1500 hp super heavy infantry armor so very hard to kill them. But that heavy armor makes them slow moving marines. Their upgrades are mostly anti-infantry because they have 3 Power Fists to counter vehicles. Teleport back of a vehicle and smash it!

Terminators are mostly chosen by Force Commander and Apothecary players. Techmarines are mostly looking for a Verenable Dreadnouht. Force Commanders sometimes using them because they can buy Assault Terminators. Apothecary players doesn't likes vehicles because they can't heal them, so only thing to by in T3 for them.


If you want to by a Terminator Squad, you must have a Librarian to support them. He will help you to move them faster for combats or to escape, saving from the battle before dying. That's why upgrades of Librarian are important. Veil of Time and Pysic Hood Othervise, you may loose them and even you have money to buy them, their cooldown is very long. Also, their teleport must be saved for an escape. To get into the combat, use Veil of Time.


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Assault Cannon[]

Well, a pretty kick-ass weapon. Very, very high dps vs single target and very fun to use it. Has an eye candy on you. A bit expensive eather. 100 Req / 60 Pow. Still, totally worth to buy, you won't be disappointed.

Generally, overshadowed by the Heavy Flamer because it is far better anti-infantry than this machine. But in late games where the Terminators might be necessary, there aren't many infantry on the map, if you are facing a lot of heavy infantry on the map, they have a flame resistance but no resistance for an assault cannon. A good option vs Chaos / Orks (Specially Nobz) / Eldar / Space Marines.

Heavy Flamer[]

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Pysco-Anti-Infantry weapon. If you are just sick of killing endless little Tyranids and want to end this, just buy it because there isn't any better option. It can decrease the number of them from 500 to 0 in just a few seconds if you used Cleansing Flames. You can find yourself shouting like ''Buuuuuurrrrnnn!!!!''

Cyclone Missile Launcher[]

You can't see this thing on multiplayer too much because it is overshadowed by other 2 upgrade options and because it is a little bit useless but not completely. It might become very destructive against large groups of infantry and large vehicles like Baneblade, Land Raider, Battle Wagon. Has a good range so it doesn't suck.