Dow2 sm teleport Unit(s) All Terminator units Teleport to the chosen location. Range 45, cooldown 60 seconds.
Requires Default ability
Cost None
Cleansing Flame (Terminator Squad)   
Dow2 sm cleansing flame Unit(s) Terminator Squad Burn the targeted area with righteous flame, dealing 30 flame damage every second in radius 15. Ability lasts 30 seconds or until the Terminators move. 25 range, cooldown 45 seconds.
Requires Heavy Flamer
Cost None
Cyclone Missile Barrage   
Dow2 sm cyclone missile barrage Unit(s) Terminator Squad Fire a cluster of 14 missiles, each doing up to 50 barrage damage, 20 courage damage, and weapon knockback in radius 5. Proximity to the target reduces scatter. Cooldown 60 seconds.
Requires Cyclone Missile Launcher
Cost None
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