The Swarmlord is the new unit that takes the field for the Tyranids in multiplayer games in Dawn of War II: Retribution. It has been given many names, but Swarmlord is the terrifying name given to this beast by the Imperium. It is the pinnacle of development for Hive Tyrant bioform, called upon when conventional Tyranid tactics and adaptations have failed to win the day.

  • Unit: Swarmlord
  • Availability: Tier 3
  • Abilities:
    • Leech Essence – The Swarmlord drains the life from surrounding infantry units for a duration which increases his health regeneration.
    • Blade Flurry – Unleashes the full strength of the Swarmlord, heavily damaging and knocking back adjacent infantry.

The Swarmlord isn’t going to be on the field until late in the game, given its cost and the Tier 3 requirement. The Swarmlord’s status as a powerful late game unit results in it being nearly unstoppable in melee combat, wielding four bone sabers, but it also increases the movement speed of all Tyranids within range of its synapse. Additionally, units can reinforce their squad, replacing lost squad members, when near the Swarmlord making it an important part of the Tyranid end game.

Not only does it move like it’s got a purpose, the Swarmlord brings with it the power to lead and back the attack, able to cut a swath through enemy units on its own or contribute to the objective as a vital part of the swarm.

Be warned that Swarmlord is much weaker than the other melee super units, the Avatar and the Great Unclean One, and has considerably less health. Players who use it need to remember to take advantage of its synapse abilites to use it to its full effectiveness.

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