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Infiltrate (Storm Troopers)   
Dow2r ig infiltrate Unit(s) Storm Trooper Squad Become invisible. Attacking or using abilities will partially reveal the squad. Partially revealed units have received damage lowered by 20%. Can be fully revealed by detector units, capturing points, or getting too close to enemy units. Drains 1.5 energy per second.
Requires Default ability
Cost Dow2 energy 1610 then Dow2 energy 161.5 per second
Melta Bomb (Storm Troopers)   
Dow2 sm melta bomb Unit(s) Storm Trooper Squad Throws a melta bomb at an enemy vehicle or monstrous creature. Melta bombs do 200 melta damage and reduce speed by 60% for 15 seconds. 48 second cooldown.
Requires Anti-Armor Kit
Cost Dow2 energy 1650