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Spore Mines are the Tyranid equivalent of grenades, but function as unit until they get kill or have detonated enough times. They can't cap points, garrison or ride in transports. They are immune to suppression, but very vulnerable and die quickly under fire.


Tyranids tend to struggle with garrisoned troops as their counters are somewhat lackluster; sadly the Spore Mines are no exception. While they do good damage and suppress infantry on detonation, they are unable to hit targets on the second floor of a building. This renders them largely ineffective as a counter, unfortunately.

Retreat kills[]

Spore Mines do a much better job at dealing extra damage to retreating squads as they can be moved to flank or intercept the enemy while your other units fight. The damage they do is not as great as the grenades of other races, but it is easier to time it right. The Spore Mines also move quickly enough that with some luck you should be able to detonate twice before the enemy is gone.


Early game Spore Mines can be used to harass enemy units by moving towards them. As no unit has sufficient DPS to kill the squad before it comes close enough to explode, the enemy is forced to move away or retreat.

Fighting against Spore Mines[]

If you know your opponent has Spore Mines on the field, be cautious when you retreat. Don't retreat all your squads at once if the fight is going badly, wait a second or two between retreating to add some distance between your squads. As your units will now move in more of a line instead of a big blob, your opponent will have a harder time of hitting more than one squad as he detonates his mines.