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“With blood and fire, we shall cleanse this black stain from our Chapter’s honor.”
— Captain Apollo Diomedes


Space Marines are the elite soldiers of the Imperium. Genetically engineered and equipped with the finest equipment, the Space Marines rely on their intense training and superior physical abilities to defeat the enemies of the Emperor. Captain Apollo Diomedes hails from the Blood Ravens Chapter, and seeks to redeem the Chapter from corrupt influence within.

Developer intro[]

The Space Marine campaign in Retribution is a mission for truth and redemption. Following the conclusion of Chaos Rising, Apollo Diomedes has been scouring the Black Legion forces from Sub-Sector Aurelia, vowing to clear the Blood Ravens' reputation from rumors of heresy and cowardice. Despite his own suspicions, Diomedes' pride will not allow him to believe that the Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens, Azariah Kyras, has been influenced by the forces of Chaos. Despite this, Captain Gabriel Angelos still believes Diomedes can be made an ally against Kyras, and has sent a number of his own men to Diomedes' command in a bid to convince the Captain otherwise.

It is Diomedes that the Retribution campaign for the Space Marines focuses on.

The Space Marine campaign in Retribution begins ten years after the events of Chaos Rising. The end of Diomedes' hunt for the Black Legion is nigh. He is closing on his quarry, and has hunted Eliphas the Inheritor, leader of the Black Legion in the sector, to planet Typhon. It is on this world of jungles and forgotten ruins where the campaign begins. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine confirms that the space marine campaign is indeed the canon storyline as a few Blood Raven marines assist Ultramarine Captain Titus against the Chaos invasion of the world Graia, in which the conflict of Aurelia is mentioned.


Honor Guard units[]

  • Venerable Dreadnought
  • Sternguard Veteran Squad
  • Terminator Assault Squad


  • Ladon Swamplands
  • Ladon Temple Ruins
  • Argus Settlement
  • Blood River
  • Minos Iceworks
  • Chapter Keep Selenon
  • Capitol Gardens
  • Typhon Arena
  • Spire Golgotha
  • Arena Perimeter
  • Access Point Primus
  • Quarantine Hold
  • Mount Siccaris
  • Fortress Militant
  • The Pit of Maledictus