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Ork sluggas are a fairly cheap, fast melee unit that the player starts off with in a multiplayer match as Ork. Can overwhelm enemies if grouped with around 3-4 squads of them. Suppression weapons are its weak point due to the fact that they are very slow when suppressed and have a weak/no ranged attack while being suppressed. They are effective against various ranged units with no suppression due to the fact that many ranged units have weak melee. When paired with shootas they can hold their own early in a game especially when the Waaagh! ability is used. Basically they are brutish, small orks that enjoy a good choppin'.



Waaagh! is an ability that most ork infantry can use. It grants bonuses to the units in its radius and is most effective when an army of infantry use it at the same time. Instead of using energy it costs 20 Global ability points to use.

Swamp 'em![]

Swamp 'em! is a useful ability that can be used by Sluggas once they have been upgraded with a Nob leader. It breaks suppression effects and reduces incoming ranged damage to the squad. Costs 18 Global ability points.


Nob Leader[]

Nob Leaders are a much stronger, overgrown slugga/shoota that is equipped with a weapon that is larger and deals more damage than the weapons used by standard shootas/sluggas. They increase the durability and damage dealt by the squad.


The Slugga squad is equipped with 2 flamethrowers which grant better effectiveness against units in buildings and units behind cover. Also when a Slugga squad as it equipped, they gain a flame resistance bonus.