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The Shuriken Cannon is the suppression team only available to the Eldar. Compared to other suppression teams of other races the Shuriken Cannon deal the most damage but take longer to suppress the enemy which could be good or bad depending on the situation. The Shuriken Cannon's speed is slightly faster then other suppression team which is useful if a melee unit has tied up the Shuriken Cannon allowing it to flee without bleeding too many models.

When combined with one of the support casters that the Eldar offer, the Shuriken Cannon can be quite powerful. For example the Guide ability (A default ability of the Eldar Farseer) you could catch your enemy of guard by increasing its range and damage by 30% allowing you to run down the surprised and suppressed enemies with your quick and fearless banshees. Another potential support caster is a Warlock upgraded with the Channeling Runes for in the classic standoff with a suppression team on each end you could channel the Shuriken Cannon while theirs is shooting but with the constant healing the Shuriken Cannon should wear down the enemy assuming they don't have any source of healing. I recommend a Shuriken Cannon to any Eldar player experienced or a noobie, the reason I recommend the Shuriken Cannon is because it provides control which is important to a race that stresses offence and speed.

I'm very glad they removed the Bright Lance Weapon Team and allowed the Shuriken Cannon to be upgraded with an anti-vehicle weapon so you don't have to waste population, resources , levels and time that could be used to be loading a more significant unit upon arrival of Tier 2.